What is a Bequest?

A bequest to the Surf Life Saving cause is a visionary investment in its future.

By including the Surf Life Saving Foundation in your estate planning, your foresight and generosity will continue to strengthen the traditions and values held by lifesavers since 1907.

Equipment has changed from the reel line and belt to IRB’s with access to Wave Runners, Jet Boats and Helicopters. Despite all the changes the importance of teamwork remains. The future will bring more change and we need the resources to embrace it.

You may choose to leave a set amount; a percentage of your estate or simply the residual (what is left after all wishes are attended to).

Sometimes the person making a bequest wants their gift to go to a local club, or to train future surf lifesavers or to update rescue equipment. In many cases people ask Surf Life Saving to simply use it where it is needed.

Every gift we receive from you – large or small – is important to us.

Why include Surf Life Saving in your will?

After considering family and friends; to provide a gift of this type to a charitable organisation provides a wonderful opportunity to create a legacy which has a positive impact on possibly thousands of individuals long after you have gone.

To include a charity like Surf Life Saving in your Will, is a testament to your vision and caring.  Surf Life Saving relies on the community to keep it alive, help ensure it does.

Circle of Friends

By leaving a gift in your will, you join a group of like-minded individuals who care about safety on our beaches and want to safeguard a uniquely Australian tradition, called the 'Circle of Friends'. The group is made up of people who have confirmed that they have left a bequest to Surf Life Saving. As a member you will receive special recognition and be kept informed of not only what is happening now in Surf Life Saving but receive reports on future trends so that you are aware of what may be happening when your bequest is received. To join, simply advise our Supporter Relationship Manager that you have left a bequest.

For more information please contact our Supporter Relationship Manager direct on 07 3177 5831 or

Click here to find out how to leave a Bequest in three easy steps