Where your money goes

Australia has over 36,000km of coastline and with more than 100 million beach visitations each year, our Surf Lifesavers from 313 clubs around the country are certainly kept busy. There are now over 42,000 volunteers who watch over us and to make sure that our beaches remain among the safest in the world. The cost of providing this lifesaving service is only possible thanks to the dedicated support from the community. These much needed funds are directed into three main priority services:

Rescue Gear & Equipment

Rescue gear and equipment represents the biggest single cost to running lifesaving services in Australia.

The sun, surf and sand are the reasons we love going to the beach but these are also the very elements that damage the rescue gear and equipment that our surf lifesavers use every day. There is no second chance when it comes to saving lives so ongoing maintenance or eventual replacement are needed to make sure that they are in top condition and at the ready for any beach emergencies.

Click on the Equipment Catalogue to help demonstrate what it takes to ensure our beaches are safe year after year.

Surf Life Saving Equipment Catalogue

Community Education Programs

Prevention is always better than the cure so the best way to save lives is to ensure that those who use our beaches know how to stay out of danger.

We are constantly trying to reach more beach-goers and educate them on how to safely enjoy our greatest natural asset. Targeting schools, businesses and tourists in particular, we are able to instil the importance of swimming between the red and yellow flags as well as other vital surf safety tips, like how to spot a rip.