The Surf Life Saving Rescue Fund ("Fund") is a charitable investment scheme operated by The Surf Life Saving Foundation. The Fund can accept investments only on behalf of Surf Life Saving entities which are members of, or affiliated with, Surf Life Saving Australia.

The objective of the Fund is to maximise the net (after fees) earnings under management at an acceptable level of risk that protects the capital value of the investments.

The Fund has two components: the Perpetuity component which includes funds held in trust by the Foundation in accordance with the terms of the Trust Deed of the Foundation Perpetuity Trust, and the Withdrawable component which includes funds directly invested by Surf Life Saving entities.

All of the monies in the Fund are pooled within three investment options (short -term, medium-term and long-term), all with their own distinct investment allocations. By pooling funds into these three investment options, the Fund is able to utilise large scale and specialised investment resources that would not otherwise be available to Surf Life Saving entities to maximise their net investment returns. The costs of administering the Fund are borne by the Foundation; the Foundation does not charge or retain any fees from the Fund.

The Foundation has a strong focus on governance and has established an independant Investment committee whose role is to provide oversight and strategic advice on the effective investment of the Fund.

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Investment Memorandum

Investment Memorandum

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Investment Policy

Investment Policy

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Trust Deed

Trust Deed

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More Information

For more information in relation to the Surf Life Saving Rescue Fund enquiries can be made to:

Damian Jackson
Surf Life Saving Rescue Fund
190 Montpelier Road
Bowen Hills QLD 4006 AUSTRALIA
(GPO Box 9950, Brisbane QLD 4001)
Phone: 07 3177 5812
Email: [email protected]

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