Residential Door to Door Fundraisers

Our door knockers are distinct in the way they dress, the material items they carry, what they say and where they are. Their appearance is designed to represent a clean, professional image.

Generally, face-to-face customer service and sales business models enhance the Surf Life Saving brand.  It is proven to be effective way for us to raise money, grow our supporter base and increase awareness of the things we do.

The door knockers we use predominantly sign up ongoing monthly supporters. These are our Guardians of The Surf. There are several levels to being a Guardian;

$12 per month, Bronze

$24 per month, Silver

$48 per month, Gold

$96 per month, Platinum

$210 per month, Custodian

If you would like more information about our Guardians of The Surf, please contact Surf Life Saving Foundation on 1800 642 925.

What do our fundraisers look like?

Red long sleeve shirt – printed with logo front and back “Official Fundraiser Surf Lifesaving”. Should be presentable and represent us in a positive manner.

Photo ID Badge. Every door knocker must be wearing and prepared to show their ID badge. This will display their name, photo and expiry date. To cross check details of the ID, you are able to contact SLSF.

A Surf Life Saving Lanyard. 

Will door knock in teams of 2 however there will be several door knockers in a particular street or area. Their behaviour will generally be cheery, energetic, polite and respectful.

door knockers ID.png

Merchandise and Information Requested

Door knockers use an iPad to capture supporters details, this will be with them at all times. The information our door knockers collect goes directly into an iPad and this ensures data privacy, security and accuracy. The door knockers are unable to access personal information once it has been entered into the iPad. The information collected is:

Name and address

Date of Birth

Phone numbers, email address


Bank details

Pledge amount

The merchandise they carry include: Guardians of the Surf Medallions (which they give to our supporters), information sheets, thank you and pitch cards.  


door knockers items they carry.png

Give us feedback about our door knockers

If you would like to provide feeback about one of our fundraisers, please contact us directly on 1800 642 925 or email [email protected]