Will you help young lifesavers like Shayna stay rescue-ready?

Anthony has dedicated much of his life to keeping people safe; and Shayna, 14, is following in his footsteps.

Surf Lifesavers can only keep you safe on the beach with your support

For thousands of Aussies, Australia Day is all about family and friends, BBQs and cold drinks – as well as sun, surf and sand at our favourite beaches.

For Surf Lifesavers, Australia Day is one of the busiest days of the year for our volunteers. It is when they volunteer their time to keep our beaches – and your families – safe.

When you see the red and yellow flags you know you’re in safe hands. And that’s why your action today is so crucial.

Your gift for Australia Day will:

  • • Maintain and replace equipment regularly used during the busy summer season
  • • Provide regular ongoing training for existing lifesavers
  • • Help to get more volunteers like Shayna rescue-ready and patrolling where and when it matters most

Shayna’s First Rescue: Saving a young boy with autism

“You'll always remember your first rescue and I think Shayna will remember
hers forever… …I remember it because it was my daughter performing the rescue,
her first one, and just a ‘proud dad moment’… She is a lifesaver.”

As a Patrol Captain and Surf Lifesaver for over 25 years, Anthony knows the importance of proper training for volunteer Lifesavers.

But it was watching his 14-year-old daughter on her first patrol where it really hit home how critical the right training, continued refresher courses, up-to-date rescue equipment and the knowledge how to use it, as well as passion and dedication are to keeping people safe between the flags.

Shayna was about to rescue a little boy who Anthony later learned had autism.

“At one point, the frightened little boy was trying to pull Shayna
into the water… She had to use her communication
skills to get him back safely.”

Donations from the public make it possible to give volunteers like Shayna and Anthony everything they need to survive in emergency situations like this. It’s thanks to support from people like you that
Shayna saved that boy’s life and got him safely back to shore.

“I was nervous. Nervous as her dad. But then again, in saying that,
I knew as a Patrol Captain she was trained and
I knew she could handle it.”