Can you imagine how much courage this took?

Powerful Rapids

When 8-year-old Alannah was pulled underwater in the river near her campsite, her mum Angela knew that the only person who could save her was her 13-year-old son, Nick.

“He was only 13. He had just done his Surf Rescue Certificate. That was all very new ... But it was just instinct for him.” — Angela, Nick’s mum

Nick, a young man – a boy really – who had only just received his Surf Rescue Certificate, risked his life to save his little sister, Alannah, at this very spot moments after this video was taken.

Nick prefers to be called a Lifesaver. But to his mum Angela, he will always be a hero.

"I’m not a hero. I was just doing what I could, and what I knew to do."

- Surf Lifesaver, Nick.

Just a boy

A Nipper since he was six and a recently qualified Surf Lifesaver, Nick knew exactly what to do to save Alannah’s life.

But without programs like Nippers, there would have been no one with the training and know-how to save Alannah that day – and this family’s camping holiday could have ended very differently.

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Second Nature

When Nick reached Alannah, he was able to hold her head above water, despite her struggling in sheer panic. As their mum watched, terrified, Nick took Alannah safely to the riverbank.

Giving young people the skills to save lives teaches them to how to respond when the unthinkable happens. And it becomes second nature. Young lifesavers have been known to rescue people from fires, and give first aid in car accidents and shopping centres.

Not Just at the Beach

During the warmer months, Australian families are planning camping holidays — some near fast-flowing rivers and creeks where water conditions can be just as dangerous as at the beach. But there will be no lifesavers patrolling. And no red and yellow flags.

That’s why Surf Life Saving education and training programs are so important.

Will you help to train more young people in Surf Life Saving, so more families stay safe while enjoying our beautiful beaches, rivers and creeks this year?

“If you can get kids into [Nippers], it's the best lesson you could bring them up learning.” — Angela, Nick’s mum

“I am quite excited to be a Surf Lifesaver like my two big brothers, Nick and Sam. I want to watch out for people who need help on the beach and be there for them just like Nick did for me.”

— Alannah, Nick’s sister