Get Involved

Surf Life Saving is an inclusive organisation that offers something for everyone. We want all Australians to live an active life, to get involved in life, to participate, and to help save lives.

You can do this by becoming a surf lifesaver, joining your kids up to nippers and getting them active, volunteering by becoming an age manager or helping out with the club barbeque on the weekend, fundraising, learning first aid or CPR so you could help save a life one day, or simply, donating to our cause. The possibilities are endless.

Becoming part of Surf Life Saving means embracing the Australian way of life, meeting great people and getting involved – it means being Australian for life.

Become a surf lifesaver

Become a nipper

Every parent wants their child to lead a happy, healthy and active life. There is no better place for this than introducing your child to Surf Life Saving and nippers.

Nippers is a junior program that introduces children aged 5 to 13 to Surf Life Saving. It is a fun outdoors activity that grows a child’s confidence, teaches valuable life skills and knowledge. Every Surf Life Saving club around Australia offers a nippers program, all with various styles and sizes.

The youth of today are the future of Surf Life Saving, and the Nippers pathway teaches lessons and skills allowing them to continue in lifesaving and sport as they grow older.

But it's not hard work. We like to call it serious fun! Nippers is a great way for children to make friends, be active and enjoy the beach in a safe environment.

How do I sign my child up to nippers?

Visit and follow the easy steps. Or contact your local Surf Life Saving club to find out more about their nippers program.

Become a volunteer

Surf Life Saving is an active part of Australian local communities. A place to belong, a place for everyone, a place to grow and be safe. But Surf Life Saving couldn't save lives without volunteers.

There are various ways in which people can volunteer their time.

If you're not interested in performing aquatic rescues as a surf lifesaver, but still interested in volunteering your time on the beach, you can join a local club and help in other ways.

You could become an age manager of a nippers program. An age manager looks after the care, safety, well-being and development of the junior surf lifesaver. Our Nippers program wouldn't happen without the generous support of our volunteers, who offer their precious time to provide the supportive environment in which they can learn and develop.

Or you could learn new skills and complete qualifications in first aid or radio operations, to help on beach patrols. You could even help out with the weekend barbeque. The possibilities are endless.

Learn first aid and CPR