Three Surf Life Saving Volunteers with their hands raised for help

Volunteer Surf Lifesavers

Two young Surf Life Saving Volunteers

Saving Lives at Age 14

Surf life saving is a calling.

Lara and Tara are best mates. They went through Nippers together and are volunteers Surf Lifesavers at Maroubra beach in NSW. They were only teenagers and on their very first patrol when they were called into action to save two young lives. 

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Saving Lives Beyond the Beach

We’re all used to seeing the red and yellow uniform at the beach, but you’d be amazed at some of the other places you’ll find our volunteer Surf Lifesavers coming to the aid of Australians in trouble. We’ve got the skills, the training and the equipment to save lives in some surprising places. 

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Surf Life Saving volunteers help during the Brisbane Floods

Surf Life Saving – even when on Holiday

Adriaan is a Surf Life Saving volunteer with over 30 years’ experience. His most dramatic rescue didn’t come when he was on patrol at his local beach, but when he was on holiday. He was in the right place at the right time and his Surf Lifesaving training, skills and reactions saved 12 lives. 

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Donate Now - Be A Life Saver
Surf Life Saving Volunteer Adriaan

Be A Life Saver

It takes a lot to be a volunteer Surf Lifesaver – courage, training, skills and equipment are all vital. And there’s one more thing that plays a crucial role in every life saving rescue – YOU!

Without your financial support we cannot provide the life saving training or purchase and maintain the essential Surf Life Saving equipment. Please donate now and you too can Be A Life Saver.

Donate Now - Be A Life Saver