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Nippers is an awesome way for your kids to gain new skills and confidence at the beach and at the same time make new friends and have heaps of fun. Best of all, the skills that they learn can stay with them for a lifetime and could even save a life.

Nippers covers the age groups from 5 to 13 and runs from October to March, usually on a Sunday morning (check with your local club for details).

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What’s Involved In Nippers?

As they progress Nippers will learn lifesaving skills including CPR and Surf Rescue; surf safety and awareness such as spotting a rip and indentifying different waves and beach types; and Surf Skills like how to catch a wave when swimming, board padding and board rescue. 

As well as all these practical skills your child will also develop team building and leadership skills and grow in confidence.You don’t have to be an amazing swimmer to start but you must be able to swim. Once they’ve reached the age of 13, Nippers can complete their SRC (Surf Rescue Certificate) and start patrolling the beach with senior Surf Lifesavers.

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Nippers Carnivals

Nippers also have the chance to test their new skills and compete in Junior Carnivals both as individuals and as part of a team. They have Flags, beach sprints, swimming races and board races.

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How Do I Enrol My Child in Nippers

Nippers is not just a great way to improve your child’s skills, knowledge and confidence it can also set them on the path to becoming a Surf Lifesaver. If you would like to enrol your child in Nippers just hit the button below and follow the steps.

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