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If You Give We Can Save

If you give... We can save.

When lives are at stake, it is critical that our volunteer surf lifesavers have everything they need to keep beachgoers safe.

As an especially demanding season on Australia’s beaches comes to a close, volunteer surf lifesavers around the country are getting ready to maintain and replace equipment after another year of sun, sand and salt water exposure has taken its toll. 

Will you please help to provide our volunteer surf lifesavers with the vital equipment they need by making a tax-deductible donation before June 30?


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How important is equipment to our volunteers?

Equipment can make the difference between life and death.

Volunteer surf lifesavers rely heavily on having the right equipment, because second chances are rare when it comes to saving a life.  One of the many stories that demonstrate how equipment can make the difference between life and death took place on Shelly Beach in New South Wales last year. 

Volunteer surf lifesavers from North Steyne Surf Life Saving Club, Tracey Hare-Boyd and her son Trae were essential in saving the life of a man who had a major heart attack in the surf. Tracey saw a collapsed figure who was quickly being surrounded by frantic spectators.  A local man in his 60’s had suffered a heart attack.

Without a second to waste Trae burst into a run, racing to nearby Manly Surf Life Saving club to get a defibrillator and oxygen kit.  After 40 tense minutes of oxygen, defibrillation and CPR the man began to stir.

Lucky to make it off the beach alive, the man was transferred to hospital and went on to make a full recovery. With the man’s doctor crediting his survival to the actions of the people on the beach that day, it’s clear that Trae’s quick thinking in retrieving the equipment played a vital role in saving a life.

Donate before June 30 to help our volunteers be well equipped and rescue-ready.

The dedication and experience of volunteer surf lifesavers means they are rescue-ready season after season – but their equipment often needs to be repaired or replaced. Many items – like the oxygen used on Shelly Beach – are used to help beachgoers in trouble.

It’s vital that our volunteer surf lifesavers can continue to make a difference by having access to everything they need.

Donate To Help Save Lives