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Clayton's Story

Clayton and Ben

Clayton's Story

The beach was beautiful. But when I went in, I could feel the current was super strong, so I just went back in and sat on the beach. That’s when I noticed the strong rip sweeping people out to sea. 

When I entered the water, I could see one guy in particular was in a bad way, so I grabbed him first and put him on the board. Then I got two to hang onto either side of the board. One guy pulled me under, and I had to rely on my surf lifesaving training. The brother of the guy on the board held onto my waist as I was at the nose, holding onto the board, kicking and paddling while trying to make sure it wouldn’t nose-dive.

I was leaning back telling everyone to kick, but no one was kicking. They were all too exhausted.

After the rescue I was really tired but felt proud that I was able to help those people. I just hoped Ben would survive. Ben ended up in hospital for over a week. He had second degree drowning, and kidney failure due to the shock to his body. Thankfully, Ben is back home and okay.

That hit really hard for me. There is no way I could have done what I did on that day if I didn’t have nippers.

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