Surf Life Saving Rescue Fund

The Surf Life Saving Rescue Fund ("Fund") was established in 2002 with the aim of being a central body within Surf Life Saving to facilitate the secure and effective financial investment of pooled funds on behalf of approved Surf Life Saving bodies. The Fund incorporates a "Trust" component where funds can be held for the benefit of SLS Affiliated bodies, and The Surf Life Saving Foundation ("Foundation") is the Trustee of the Trust. Monies within the Fund can also be held in the "Withdrawable" component where funds are placed directly into the Fund on behalf of an SLS Affiliated body. All monies are pooled within the Fund are invested with either a short, medium or long term investment horizon, with short term investments held in cash type deposits with an Australian ADI ("Bank"). Medium and Long term investments are linked to financial markets and the Foundation engages a professional Investment Manager, currently Perpetual Private Wealth, to manage these investments.

The Foundation does not take any fees and the key investment objective of the Fund is to adopt appropriate conservative investment strategies that maximise investment returns, after fees, at an acceptable level of risk that will help ensure the adequate protection of the capital value of the portfolio.

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Enquiries in relation to the Surf Life Saving Rescue Fund can be made to:

Damian Jackson
Surf Life Saving Rescue Fund
190 Montpelier Road
Bowen Hills QLD 4006 AUSTRALIA
(GPO Box 9950, Brisbane QLD 4001)
Phone: 07 3177 5812

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