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Saving lives for over 100 years…

Volunteer surf lifesavers have been saving lives on our beaches every Australia Day and throughout the busy summer beach season, for more than 100 years. Last summer our surf lifesavers rescued 10,879 people thanks to generations of Aussie supporters just like you.

It’s not just the volunteers on the beach that ensure that lives are saved – it takes a whole community.

Please donate today and Be a Life Saver

Safely back to the beach...

Your generous donation will support volunteer surf lifesavers like Simon, who took part in a harrowing rescue during a busy summer holiday season:


“It started out as a normal sunny day on St Kilda beach. Then in a horrifying turn of events, the weather changed…we soon spotted a guy and a girl floating on a blow-up boat. They’d been blown about 200 metres out to sea…

They had flipped themselves into the water.

They were shivering and had nothing to hang onto except a small, flimsy paddle. At that point, the paddle was their only lifeline and they both clung to it desperately.

As soon as we got out to them, we grabbed them and pulled them into the Inflatable Rescue Boat. They were both really pale and going into shock. I’ll never forget how the girl was looking at me — her eyes wide and scared. The guy was breathing so heavy. You could tell he was badly shaken as well.

Thankfully, we were able to get them safely back to the beach. Fortunately for them, there was a happy ending.”


Volunteer surf lifesavers like Simon need your support so that they are trained and equipped, and ready at a moment’s notice, to keep beachgoers safe.