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Spring is upon us. Soon, the summer sun and heat will return. We are blessed with a “long summer” that can last up to eight months.

We’re a beach nation and it is our honour to help keep our beaches safe. With over 300 clubs and 46,000 patrolling members at the ready, we expect over 100 million visitors to our beaches this year. We take our responsibility to keep the beach a fun, safe place for beachgoers of all ages very seriously – as lives depend on us.

Last beach season volunteer Surf Lifesavers actively administered 26,173 first aid treatments and performed 8,952 rescues.

Think of the family tragedies our hard working volunteers have prevented over the years. It may be a family member, friend or colleague of yours was rescued by volunteer Surf Lifesavers. Friends and family like Samantha and Dominic and their two children, Charley and Josie from Sydney...

On an annual holiday the family were enjoying a day at the beach when a strong rip dramatically put this family’s life in danger… watch the video below to see more about this horrifying tale, and amazing life saving rescue…

Going to the beach is almost a religious activity for us Australians”, says Samantha. “And it’s only possible because of the volunteer Surf Lifesavers who give their time to keep us safe. They protect a way of life we all value. I’ll forever be grateful to Tony and Phil and all the others at the club who helped with my rescue.”

Lifesavers will be returning to the beach soon. Please make your Back to the Beach donation today to support their lifesaving work.