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Volunteer surf lifesavers are an iconic part of Australian culture, providing a safe and reassuring presence on our beaches. Please make a tax-deductible gift by 30 June to provide our volunteer surf lifesavers with the equipment they need to help save lives.

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Unaware of impending danger

A night of rock fishing could have turned into tragedy if it weren’t for the skill and training of Rhys, Gregg, Tom and all the volunteers who worked tirelessly to ensure a happy ending.

Despite taking the safety precautions of wearing a life jacket and torch, as well as fishing with a friend, one fisherman has been pounded against rocks and swept into the ocean with a severe head injury.

It’s 1.30 am on a cold June night and the fisherman is lost in the ocean. His friend runs for help…

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Rescue crew activated at 1.30 am

Rhys Dawson was jolted awake by his phone ringing. Reports were coming through that a fisherman near Kiama, NSW, had been pounded against rocks and swept into the freezing sea with a severe head injury.


Always ready...

Rhys’s training and instincts kicked in at once. In these conditions, every second counts, and within five minutes, Rhys was at the boat shed where fellow surf lifesavers, Gregg and Tom, were already preparing the rescue boat with vital lifesaving equipment.

Without a minute to spare, Rhys, Gregg and Tom launched into the night, desperately hoping the ocean hadn’t already claimed the fisherman’s life.

The fisherman was found conscious but was suffering from a head injury and shivering uncontrollably. It took all of the crew’s strength to pull him from the water and into the boat, where he was then placed on a spinal board, wrapped in blankets and given urgent oxygen treatment. He was finally in safe hands, but his life was still in the balance.

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Dedicated volunteer surf lifesavers

Dedicated surf lifesavers like Rhys, Gregg and Tom volunteer their time and put themselves in the face of danger. It’s their self-sacrifice, skill and training that protects beachgoers and saves lives.

The work of highly trained volunteer surf lifesavers, is so much more than patrolling the beach. Whether it’s warning people of rips, performing first aid, or plunging into a freezing black ocean in the middle of the night, volunteer surf lifesavers are on call 24 hours a day, all year round, ready to respond when emergency strikes.

Help save lives

Together, we can help save lives

Please give generously today and support the continued maintenance and frequent replacement of equipment our volunteer surf lifesavers rely on to help save lives. 


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