Include a Gift in your Will

Make your Bequest to Surf Life Saving

A bequest is a gift that you intend to make after your passing. It can be made to an individual or an organisation such as Surf Life Saving. You need to make this intention clear when preparing or updating your Will.

You can choose to leave a set amount of money; or you can leave a percentage of your estate to Surf Life Saving. Sometimes people choose to leave just the ‘residual’ – this means that after all your other wishes are attended to, whatever is left over will be donated or bequeathed to your charity of choice.

When you decide to make a bequest in your will, you are giving one of the greatest gifts possible in your lifetime. And when you select Surf Life Saving as a beneficiary of your bequest, this one act of generosity will mean saving the lives of so many people who get into trouble in the surf at the beach for years and generations to come.

Surf Life Saving has a long history of its volunteer lifesavers teaching new generations of Australian kids to be safe at the beach. Our surf lifesavers have a deep respect for the surf and know its power. Surf Life Saving exists to keep your friends and family safe when they’re at the beach. This is what makes Surf Life Saving the best charity to leave a bequest to. 

Mike Martin

Why Leave a Bequest to Surf Life Saving

By leaving a bequest to Surf Life Saving you are creating your very own life saving legacy that could potentially save thousands of lives long after you are gone. You may ask that your bequest goes direct to your local club. You may want your donation to be used to train future lifesavers or maybe you want your money to be used for a large piece of vital rescue equipment?

In many cases, people leaving a bequest to Surf Life Saving ask us to use their gift where it is needed most.

Including Surf Life Saving in your Will is an incredible testament to your vision for the future and your deep caring for your community. Thank you.

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