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Lifesavers keep beachgoers safe on Australia Day...

Australia Day is the busiest beach day of the year and our volunteer surf lifesavers will be there, to keep beachgoers safe all over Australia. On an average day, volunteer surf lifesavers rescue 30 people and over this iconic weekend the numbers may well increase.

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Unaware of impending danger...

Do you recall Australia Day 2016? It was a textbook summer’s day – hot, sunny, and crowded beaches all around Australia. Just like many of our beaches, hundreds of people had gathered at Avoca Beach, NSW, to relax and enjoy themselves in the park, on the sand and in the water. Several families had no idea of the impending danger that lay ahead for them that day….


Rescue and Recovery...

14-year-old rookie lifesaver Fin, had joined his father John, a volunteer surf lifesaver on patrol. Fin had just passed his Surf Rescue Certificate.

While John was patrolling on the flagged beach, Fin and some fellow rookies went out on a roving patrol. Alerted by a bystander to a life threatening situation around the rocks, the rookies immediately sprang into action and launched a rescue and recovery operation.

In a matter of seconds, a fun family afternoon had become a life-threatening nightmare. Several of the family were thrown back onto the rocks by a large wave.

As soon as Fin realised that there were 11 people in distress, he radioed for back up support to help and treat those in need. The scene was chaotic. But our lifesavers soon had things under control.

Although some individuals suffered broken bones and dislocated joints, no one lost their lives that day, thanks to the quick actions of Fin and his fellow lifesavers.

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Last season surf lifesaving volunteers performed over 10,879 rescues.

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Please donate today and Be a Life Saver

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