Western Australia

Surf Life Saving Western Australia

Our volunteer Surf Lifesavers have an incredible impact on Australian beaches every year by providing a safe environment for Australians to enjoy the beaches and waterways around the country.

Here are some extraordinary statistics from Western Australia as well as other fundraising events happening around the state.

    Rescue Statistics 2014/15 Patrol Season for WA

    Rescues 597
    Preventative Actions 19,916
    Marine stings 1,207
    Cuts/abrasions 504
    Major wounds  15
    Fractures/dislocations  36
    Suspected Spinal injury 23
    Resuscitations  0
    Other 445
    Fundraising Events:
    Support Us and Win a car, holidays, cash and electrical items.  Total Prizes $40,000.  Look for ticket sellers at your local shopping centres now!
    If you would like to get involved or require some more information please contact the Surf Life Saving WA office on (08) 9207 6666 or email: mail@slswa.com.au