What We Do

How Funds are Distributed

The Surf Life Saving Foundation distributes funds through Surf Life Saving Australia to State Entities. The outline below shows the breadth and reach across Australia through which these funds are delivered to support the movement.

Gear & Equipment secured for Surf Life Saving entities by the Surf Life Saving Foundation from donations and grants

4WD vehicle 1 Manikin 9 Radios and accessories 17
All Terrain Vehicle 3 Nipper Board 20 Radio Beacon 2
Binoculars 2 Office & clubhouse equipment 2 Rescue Board 62
Computer equipment 2 Outboard Motor 11 Rescue Boat Storage Shed 1
Defibrillator 7 Oxygen Resus. equipment 4 Rescue Tube 41
Emergency Response Trailer 1 Patrol Shade Tent 6 Rescue Water Craft 1
Equipment Trailer 1 Patrol Tower 1 Spinal board 1
First Aid Kit 8 Patrol Trailer 2 Tractor 1
Inflatable Rescue Boat hull 5 Patrol Kit 60 Training Equipment misc. 4
Inflatable Rescue Boat trailer 1 Pocket Mask 10 Water Safety Helmet 18