How does your donation help Surf Life Saving?

Lifesavers pulling on red and yellow caps

Donating to Surf Life Saving ensures our surf lifesavers are rescue ready at a moment's notice

Our volunteer surf lifesavers are always kept busy. We have over 180,000 volunteer surf lifesavers from 315 different Surf Life Saving Clubs across Australia and with the help of your generous donations, they make sure that Australia has some of the safest beaches in the world.

Your donation provides rescue gear and equipment

Rescue gear and equipment are some of the largest costs associated with providing lifesaving services throughout Australia. 

We all love the sun, surf and sand; it’s why we go to the beach. But, as well as making a great day out, the sun, sand and salt also damage the rescue gear that our surf lifesavers use each day. There’s no second chance when it comes to saving lives! Ongoing maintenance and replacement of equipment is essential to make sure everything is in top condition and ready for beach emergencies. 

Your donation means that our rescue gear and equipment stays rescue ready and you and your family remain in the safest hands possible.

Your donation trains surf lifesavers

It costs at least $850 to train a new volunteer surf lifesaver to Bronze Medallion standard, providing the skills and knowledge to be able to participate in Surf Life Saving patrol operations. 

Surf lifesavers are trained to respond to emergency rescue scenes, providing CPR and first aid.

All of our surf lifesavers must continue to refresh and update their skills annually. When it comes to saving lives you don’t have time to stop and think about it – your skills need to be second nature and to achieve this you have to have sound knowledge of the surf environment including hazards and surf conditions.

Your donation helps run community education programs

Prevention is better than cure and the best way to save lives at the beach is by teaching people how to stay out of danger. 

Surf Life Saving promotes surf safety education and awareness through a range of programs that aim to change behaviours and save lives through education and an increased understanding of our key beach safety messages.

Our Beach to Bush program has been running since 1994 to spread our beach safety message to those who don’t live near the coast – around 50% of our rescues involve people who live more than 50km from the shore. Your donation helps us educate children and save lives. 

Plus, our Beachsafe App is part of our ongoing commitment to education and safety in the aquatic environment. The app includes current information and conditions for every beach in Australia. It shows patrol services, hazards and facilities, as well as weather, swell and tide details. Beachsafe is designed to help you choose the right beach for your needs, so you can relax and enjoy your visit.

Guardians of the Surf

Your monthly donation will help train new surf lifesavers, improve the skills of our current volunteers and help us replace equipment that is constantly exposed to the harsh Australian conditions.

Become a Guardian of the Surf